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  • uDEUCE

    Our uDeuce is a quality 2-piece design that starts with a butadiene speed core and is overlayed with a manufactured surelyn® dimple crest engineered to give you all the distance and medium spin. Oh, and the ball has a blue hue. Because, well, we’re BluBall®. 2 LAYERS • 90 COMPRESSION • MAX DISTANCE • MEDIUM WEDGE SPIN • FIRM FEEL
  • uQUAD

    Going for the 4-piece? You must be a pretty rad golfer with a strong swing (we’re not jealous). With our uQuad, you’re getting our super high energy speed core, an elastic dual mantle for maximum distance with your driver. We wrap that up in our urethane dimple crest designed to give you an excellent greenside spin. Also, the ball is white, not blue. But don’t worry, it’s still BluBall®. 4 LAYERS • 95 COMPRESSION • MAX DISTANCE • HIGH WEDGE SPIN • FIRM FEEL
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